Monday, February 1, 2010

Rising Clan

Our clan just got a whole lot bigger! We have plenty of new cats now! So please feel free to comment and or join this clan! We will be hopefully attending the next gathering *crosses fingers* but if not i'm so so so sorry!


  1. *Raises paw* I join! I'm aleready a cat so....ya. I'm shimmerkit! Nice to meet ya! Oh BTW, that poem at the top is really cool!

  2. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it here! Nightshine will show you to your new den!

  3. *slighty raises hand* Can i join?! It sounds like fun. I'm not a cat, yet, like Shimmer( We're friends) I really like your blog and poem too!

  4. Of course you can! I just need to know if...
    A: you want to be one of the other cats i have already... or
    B: I need name and description!

    I hope you like it here!

  5. how do i join your clan my name is spottedfur